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Most fitness sites push products, but provide little in terms of real information. Full Fitness is breaking this trend!

Professional trainers can be costly, but workout routines are difficult to perform if you aren't familiar with the equipment; so what are your options? Within this site are numerous workout routines, great recipes, and a wealth of other information, all to guide you in getting fit, and all for free!

Enclosed in this site are a list of exercises you can perform with weight machines, free-weights, or simply alone. They're broken down by body targets, and more are added weekly!

To get started, simply select a target area and become informed.

Comment Corner

August, 2009 - This site has changed hands/ownership several times over the past year - but I have returned once I realized it was being run into the ground by others.

Expect new exercises and routines, as well as a wealth of new information.